Make Your Kitchen Remodel Work For Everyone: Tips To Achieve A Family-Centered Design

Posted on: 8 March 2023

When remodeling your kitchen, consider the needs of all family members. Having a stylish and practical space means everyone can feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Here are some tips to ensure that when you remodel, you achieve a design that works for your entire family.

Consider the Countertop Height

When remodeling your kitchen, considering the countertop height is crucial for creating a design that works well for your entire family. Having a countertop at the right height can make all the difference in whether you can comfortably access appliances, storage, and other surfaces that you use regularly.

For larger families, especially those with small children, a higher countertop height may be beneficial for allowing multiple people to have comfortable access to counter space. This is especially important if you plan on having multiple cooks in the kitchen or need room for different-sized family members when preparing food. 

A countertop that's too low can make it difficult for different-sized people to work in the same space without feeling crowded or uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if you're trying to create a more ergonomic design within your kitchen remodel, opting for a lower countertop height may be key to making the space easier to navigate and use over time. 

For example, counters that are a few feet short can allow wheelchair users and those with limited mobility more independence while cooking or preparing meals. Additionally, younger children may find it easier to reach items on lower counters than on higher ones.

Whatever approach you choose when setting your countertop height, keeping in mind how each family member will use the space can help ensure everyone has access to what they need during meal prepping and other daily tasks. 

Create a Multipurpose Space 

As you plan your kitchen remodel, think about ways you can create multipurpose spaces during your remodel.

For example, if you have a large family, consider adding an island or table in the center of the kitchen. This can give everyone enough space to work independently while allowing the whole family to be together.

Additionally, if you want to make your kitchen a more social space, think about adding extra seating. This could be done by adding barstools around the island or even opting for a built-in breakfast nook. The extra seating can help encourage family members to linger and chat while meals are being prepared, making the kitchen a more communal space.

Finally, if you have limited square footage in your kitchen, think about adding a fold-down table or rolling cart that can be used for extra counter space when needed and then folded up when not in use. This is especially helpful for larger families that need to spread out during meal times or if you want to get more use out of the space during special occasions.

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