3 Easy Tips For A Successful Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: 22 December 2022

Your bathrooms are the most important functional spaces in your home. Remodeling is always worthwhile for bathrooms that are damaged, outdated, or lacking storage space. Use these three easy tips to get the most out of every bathroom remodeling project.

1. Make Storage Space a Priority

Items like towels and toiletries can take up more space in your bathroom than you may realize. Nothing is worse than completing a bathroom remodel only to find that you're still struggling with space. To avoid this costly mistake, keep shelves and cabinetry in mind when planning your remodel. Floating shelves are a popular option to consider for adding more open storage space beneath a bathroom counter.

Recessed shelves are an unobtrusive option for adding extra storage space in bathrooms. Recessed shelving inside a shower enclosure provides secure storage for soaps and shampoos without taking up any of the cramped space. Furthermore, shelves can create an attractive contrast against the patterned tile inside your shower enclosure.

2. Choose Water-Resistant Materials

When you're choosing materials for bathroom floors, walls, and counters, the most important question to answer is how the material reacts with water. Surfaces made of organic materials such as wood tend to be highly porous, which makes them susceptible to water staining.

Bathrooms are places where inorganic construction materials can really shine. Ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone are common choices for bathroom remodels thanks to their hydrophobic properties. A countertop made of marble or granite will prevent staining while providing a durable surface for daily use. Ceramic tiles and grout will completely protect the sublayers of your floor from water intrusion if they are properly maintained.

3. Add Space With Light and Color

With the right choices, a remodel can create the illusion of extra space even if you don't add any square footage to your bathroom. Skylights, curtainless shower enclosures, and even mirrors can make your bathroom appear larger by filling the room with light.

Using a light color scheme is another classic interior design technique to open rooms up visually. Neutral colors help to mute the impression of enclosing walls and floors, so the room will appear larger to the eye. White and beige make excellent base colors that you can accent pleasantly with light grays or pastel hues.

If you're frustrated with a lack of storage space or simply want to update your bathroom's appearance, a remodel is the best option to consider. Use these tips and enlist the help of a home remodeling contractor to realize the bathroom remodel you've always wanted!

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