Custom Wood Flooring: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 29 August 2022

Wood flooring includes laying down pieces of timber to form a wooden floor. It offers a striking look and has been in existence for a long time. Wood flooring has withstood the test of time due to the classic look courtesy of its nature, durability, and eco-friendliness. When choosing custom wood flooring, select a wood species that best fits your needs—that is, one that has the perfect shade for your space and an appropriate design for your style. However, many wood options exist, and choosing the perfect one for your space can be challenging. If you're remodeling your space and you're considering wood flooring, here is a list of some of the best wood flooring options. 


Oak is used mainly for interior decorations because of its high performance. You can use it for traditional or modern designs since it can host different patterns and designs ranging from calm to expressive. The more mature the oak, the more golden it is.


Ash is perfect for high-strength applications since it is tough and resilient. It is hard and acquires a golden look with time. Its combination of light sapwood and dark heartwood produces a beautiful pattern with multiple shades. 


Beech's cell structure makes it strong and more durable than other woods. It has a uniform appearance and an elegant yellow shade that changes to red and golden over time. 


Walnut has soft characteristics that make it easy to work with. Walnut's color changes from light brown to dark chocolate as it ages. It gives the floor a solid character.


It is among the hardest light wood species and is highly resistant to wear. It has calm, even shades and texture with curly growth rings. When exposed to sunlight, its color gets darker and golden. 

Benefits of Installing Wood Flooring In Your Home

There are several advantages of installing wood flooring in your space. They include the following:

Multiple Design Options

The primary benefit of wood flooring is its flexibility in creating unique designs. With wood flooring, you can bring your imagination to life. Due to the technicality of the process, engage a professional to create your desired designs. 

Brings Elegance to Your Space

Wood flooring has an overall elegant effect on your floor's appearance. Its color spectrum, variety, shapes, and species bring authenticity and uniqueness to your space. You can match different colors, woodgrains, and styles to create your design of choice. 

Bottom Line

Wood flooring is common in many homes because of its natural look and elegant effect. It is made from high-quality materials, increasing your home's value. If you plan to remodel your home, consider contacting a wood flooring company near you.


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