A 3D Cabinet Design Consultation And Product Samples

Posted on: 14 July 2022

A 3D design consultation and product samples can help you choose the materials that will be used to remodel the cabinetry within your kitchen. A copy of your consultation and physical materials that you have hand-selected can be shared with your remodeling contractor, once you are ready to get the remodeling project underway.

Your Consultation

Purchasing cabinetry through a warehouse or a retail shop will often not provide the level of professionalism and customization that someone needs. Since there are so many different types of cabinetry, seeking advice from a designer can be invaluable. Failing to receive personalized services could result in purchasing a cabinet style that is not resistant to stains, or investing in a style that is much more expensive than what was allotted for a remodeling project.

An in-store design consultation will involve being shown various kitchen cabinet styles and receiving pricing information. A catalog that contains full-color pictures can guide you in selecting a cabinet material that is currently not in stock.

A business that sells household and commercial cabinetry may have access to hundreds of cabinet styles that are featured through cabinet manufacturers nationwide. A designer will configure the space within your home where cabinetry will be installed. They will prepare a 3D diagram of the interior space. Upon laying out the cabinetry via a 3D platform, you can request a copy of the diagram.


It can be difficult to decipher how thick a particular cabinet style will be or the texture that one will possess, without physically touching or viewing the material. A cabinet retailer may provide sample cabinet materials. A sample will contain a small cross-section of a cabinet door. A sample product may contain a panel raise (indentation), a beveled edge (sloped edge), a textured surface, paint, wood stain, and more.

Hardwoods, softwoods, bamboo, laminate, and particle board are materials that may be represented through a series of samples. Your remodeling contractor can use raw material to build your new cabinetry. If an unfinished material will be installed, you can select the finishing products that your contractor uses to complete the cabinet upgrade.

After acquiring your samples, feel and view each one. Compare the samples against other materials within the room where the new cabinetry will ultimately be installed. Your contractor can use the sample that you provide them with, to ensure that the right cabinetry materials are purchased for your home.


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