What Distinguishes Design Build From Traditional Home Construction?

Posted on: 20 June 2022

Design builders are construction and remodeling contractors who use a different approach to the job. If you're considering working with a team of design home builders, you probably want to know how this process differs from the more traditional one. The distinctions appear in three key areas.


One of the fundamental differences is the level of collaboration. Traditionally, the client takes the design part of the process to an architect. Likewise, they may need to talk with engineers if there are issues with the location or the proposed structure.

After the design process ends, the architect hands you a set of plans, and you will either contract the work to a builder or take bids from several. Those contract builders will subcontract specific jobs like electrical and plumbing work. Eventually, the contractor will review all the work and present the project to you as finished. Notably, this adds many steps and ends up looping several distinct business entities into the project.

Design builders typically work for a single company. While the designers and builders represent different departments of that business, they collaborate extensively on every project. Similarly, most of the typically subcontracted work is handled by in-house professionals. Unless there is something specialized, such as civil engineering work, the company doesn't usually seek out many third parties for help.


By working with one team of design home builders, you achieve greater unity not only in the structure of the job but in the legal and financial frameworks. You will sign a single contract, and that deal covers everything. Likewise, when you finance the project, you set one price and send the money to one entity. This makes it significantly easier to determine who's responsible for what because the answer is almost always going to be the design build firm.

Efficiency and Speed

The design build model tends to achieve higher levels of efficiency and speed than the traditional approach. Be aware that this means there is less room for tinkering once you approve the plans. The designers are going to meet up with the builders and get the job rolling quickly once they have your approval.

Design builders tend to consistently use the same suppliers unless there is a specific need. In some cases, they may also warehouse basic materials and components. Consequently, you can expect equipment, supplies, and people to get to work quickly and complete the project within a few months in most cases.


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