Renovating A Kitchen Without Sacrificing Its Vintage Look

Posted on: 4 May 2022

Renovating an old kitchen isn't always easy. Things wear out, start to look shabby, and clearly need to be updated. You often look forward to incorporating new features, such as a fridge with a water dispenser. And yet, you may want to maintain the kitchen's vintage look to some degree. Is it possible to remodel an older kitchen without erasing its vintage character? Yes, it is. Here are some tips to help you achieve that goal.

Keep your old cabinet doors.

Modern cabinet doors tend to be styled in more sleek ways with flatter panels and less detail. So, to maintain your kitchen's vintage look, you may want to keep your kitchen's current cabinet doors. You can have your home renovation team refinish them so they no longer look chipped and worn, of course. A cabinet maker may even be able to fill some divots and dents with wood putty to make the doors look new — in spite of their vintage style.

Avoid modern color schemes.

Kitchen color scheme trends change so rapidly. It's easy to get sucked into choosing a color palette that's popular. But if you wish to maintain your kitchen's vintage look, you want to ignore these color trends and instead opt for a more old-fashioned color scheme. You could even use the same color scheme seen in your kitchen currently, if desired. Other color schemes that lend a vintage look include white and natural wood, pale yellow and blue, and light green and white.

Stick with more classic appliances.

You probably will want new appliances for their features. But you don't want to choose the ones that have the most modern, minimalist look. Opt for a stove-oven combination range over a new-fangled in-wall oven and separate induction cooktop. Pick a standard fridge with two doors over one with four doors, which looks too cluttered.

Choose copper or brass fixtures. The brushed and polished nickel fixtures and hardware that are popular in today's kitchens do not support a vintage look. So, ask your remodeling team to show you fixtures made from copper and brass. These will suit your kitchen's look better, and they are also more durable.

You don't have to choose between remodeling your kitchen and maintaining its vintage look. Use the ideas above, and talk to your high-end home interior renovation team for additional ideas. Chances are, you're not their only client who likes a more traditional design.


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