3 Things To Know About Granite Countertops

Posted on: 11 April 2022

One decision you'll need to make when remodeling your kitchen is what kind of countertop material you want to use. If you think you want granite in your home, it will help to know the following things about it before you make a final decision.

Buying Tip: Shop Around With Different Granite Vendors

One of the things that makes granite such a unique material is that the pattern is not manufactured. What you see is what comes out of the earth when the material is dug up, which means that every single piece of granite is unique. 

Unfortunately, this means that you are not going to be able to shop for this material out of a catalog. In order to find the granite that you want for your countertops, you are going to need to visit several vendors to actually see it in person. Once you find a piece of granite that you like, you'll need to purchase it so that it is held for when you are ready to actually have the granite cut to the necessary size for your kitchen.

Remodeling Tip: Consider The Seams Of Your Granite Countertops 

Do you want a countertop that looks seamless once it is installed? Since granite is a natural stone, it may be difficult to do this if your kitchen requires one large piece of granite that circles the entire countertop area. When you are designing the kitchen, think about how all the different pieces of granite will come together to break up the granite and avoid having visible seams since a slab of granite can only be so big.

Cleaning Tip: Avoid Using Chemical Cleaners

It's important that you know all of the things that you should not do when cleaning your granite countertops. Many people make the mistake of using a chemical cleaning solution on the countertop surface because that is what they did with their previous countertop material. The problem with these chemical cleaners is that they are highly acidic, and they actually remove a layer of the sealant each time you clean the countertops with it. You are not going to necessarily damage the countertops, but it will cause the need to reseal the granite often. 

You should be cleaning off your countertop daily, which is very simple to do and prevents dirt and grime from building up on the surface. All you need to do is use a mild cleaning detergent that is made up of dish soap and water. You can put it on a wet rag and simply wipe down the surface to prevent residue from building up. 

Contact a custom granite countertop supplier to learn more. 


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