RV Makeover: Remodeling Tips To Get You Back On The Road In Style

Posted on: 22 March 2022

Is your RV outdated and in need of a fresh look? Whether your RV is your home away from home or your permanent home, you want it to provide the comforts you need as well as look great. Following a few remodeling tips will help you get your RV back on the road again in style.

Paint walls light

If you want to brighten up your RV, replace dark interior walls with refreshing light hues of paint. A few light colors to consider are seafoam green, beige, pale blue, or a buttery shade of yellow. Avoid bright shades of white, as they can appear harsh and make your RV appear cold and uninviting. 

Choose customized furniture

The right furniture can set your RV apart from the rest. Break free from the standard RV furnishings and have your own furniture custom made with fabrics and styles to suit your unique personality. Built-in entertainment centers are a great way to keep all your electronic devices organized and keep your RV clutter free.

Create an accent wall

Choose one wall to turn into an accent wall to add interest to your RV. For a rustic look, have old barn boards installed, etc., to create an accent wall. For a coastal theme, use shiplap to create your accent wall or flowered wallpaper for a cottage themed RV.

Add an island bar

Adding an island bar with cabinets or updating an older island bar is a great way to add additional storage space to an RV kitchen. Move an existing kitchen sink to the island bar to free up counter space and give your RV an updated look. Painting the island bar in a contrasting color from the walls or adding a granite countertop will add a pleasing touch of class and color to your RV.   

Install a loft bed

Installing a loft bed with a ladder is a practical way to add extra sleeping space to your RV without sacrificing square footage. Loft beds are especially ideal for kids and are perfect to use when hosting guests. Loft beds added in an RV living room can add a charming and cozy appeal to the room.

With all the new and exciting trends in RV decorating, you are sure to find a new style that suits your personality and meets your practical needs. Whether you choose a complete remodel or simply want to change your decorating style, your newly remodeled RV is sure to make you a proud owner. 

Contact an RV remodeling service near you for more information. 


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