3 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Posted on: 1 March 2022

There are plenty of things to keep track of when remodeling your kitchen. Not only do you have to think of your timeline and budget, but every decision you make will impact the final look of your kitchen. For example, finding kitchen countertops is a task that can be trickier than you anticipate. Kitchen countertops need to hold up to daily food preparation and other wear and tear. However, while durable countertops are a must, you still want them to look good. Here are three tips to help you select new kitchen counters. 

Look for Materials That Suit Your Lifestyle

Many materials are used for kitchen counters, but not all of them will work for your lifestyle. If you have a busy kitchen and your countertops see a lot of action, you need to select a material that will hold up. However, suppose the appearance of your kitchen is more important, and you don't spend a lot of time cooking. In that case, you will want to prioritize beauty over durability when selecting countertop materials. Popular materials for kitchen counters include granite, marble, quartz, tile, wood, and more. 

Decide on a Budget

There are two expenses to consider when selecting kitchen counters: the cost of materials and installation labor. Both materials and labor will add up when installing kitchen countertops, which is why having a budget in mind is essential. Some materials, like granite and marble, are pricier than other cheaper materials like butcher block or solid surface. On average, new kitchen counters cost between $10 and $70 per square foot. Therefore, when selecting countertops, you'll want to search for options that are within budget and that leave you with enough funds for the rest of your remodel. 

Look for Options That Suit Your Kitchen

While finding counters that will hold up to wear and tear and that fit in your budget is crucial, you also want to look for options that will look good. When selecting counters, think about the overall design of your kitchen. Do you want modern-style counters, or are you looking for something traditional? Your new counters should complement other features in your kitchen and make the space look and feel cohesive. 

If you are searching for new kitchen counters, these tips can help you find the best fit. First, consider your lifestyle and what countertop materials will hold up well in your kitchen. Second, make sure you have a budget for the countertop materials and the installation. Finally, look for countertops that suit your kitchen's overall style. 


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