What To Consider When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 17 February 2022

Cabinets are a cornerstone of any kitchen remodel. After all, your kitchen cabinets take up a lot of visual real estate in addition to providing storage. However, selecting new cabinets can be trickier than you may expect. The best kitchen cabinets will complement your home's style while still providing the functionality you need. There are many styles, materials, colors, and textures to consider when looking at kitchen cabinetry. Here are three things to think about when selecting kitchen cabinets. 

What You Can Spend

Unless you have an unlimited amount of cash, there's probably a budget you need to consider when selecting kitchen cabinetry. From budget-conscious to high-end, there are many price points for kitchen cabinets. Prefabricated kitchen cabinets are typically the most affordable, with semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets coming in at higher price points. Kitchen cabinets can take up anywhere from 14 to 41 percent of your remodeling budget. When selecting cabinetry, look for affordable options that won't take too much away from other projects you may want to tackle. 

How Much Time You Have

Another thing to consider is when you need to install your kitchen cabinets. How far along you are in a kitchen remodel will determine which kitchen cabinet options are available within your designated time frame. For example, if you need to put in cabinets quickly, prefabricated kitchen cabinets are ready to install within a day or two. Semi-custom and custom cabinets are made-to-order, which means fabrication can take time. If you can wait for a few weeks, then semi-custom or custom cabinets are options. Once you find kitchen cabinets that you want, make sure you consider the timeline for the installation.

How They Will Function

While you want kitchen cabinets that look good, prioritizing their functionality is also essential. When selecting cabinetry, consider your storage and organization needs. Even prefabricated kitchen cabinets come with features like pull-out pantries and organizers. Pie-corner base cabinets and Lazy Susans are other features to look for in new kitchen cabinetry. The more time you spend considering your needs, the more likely you will be to choose cabinetry that works well in your kitchen. 

Selecting cabinets is a major decision you need to make during a kitchen remodel. Here's what to consider when searching for new kitchen cabinetry. First, determine what you can spend on new kitchen cabinets and how they will fit into your overall budget. Second, think about when you need your cabinets to be ready to install since this can impact what options are available. Finally, don't forget to consider how your selection of cabinets will function in your kitchen. Find the right kitchen cabinets for you by contacting certain contractors in your area. 


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