Preparing Your Home's Exterior For Siding Installation

Posted on: 3 January 2022

Whether you are wanting new siding to change your home's appearance or to provide improved energy-efficiency performance, it is necessary to make sure that the home is prepared for the installation of new siding. While the siding installation contractors that you hire will handle the majority of the work, there are several steps that homeowners will need to take to prepare for this upgrade.

Assess If Any Exterior Repairs Are Needed Before Applying The Siding To The House

If there are sections of your home's exterior that have suffered damage, it may be necessary to repair or replace the damaged portions of the exterior before having the new siding installed. As an example, rotted exterior paneling can be a common issue that should be addressed prior to installing new siding. Otherwise, the rot could spread and worsen under the siding, which may increase the difficulties and costs of repairs in the future.

Ensure There Is Enough Space Between Your Home's Exterior And Any Bushes Or Trees

There are many homeowners that will have bushes or even tree branches that are close to their homes. If this is the case with your house, it is necessary to trim these plants back so that there will be enough room for the contractors to be able to install the new siding. While some individuals will be hesitant about changing the appearance of their landscaping, these effects will typically be minimal as it will only be necessary to trim the back of these plants. Without this step, it may lead to delays and other difficulties during the installation process. It can also increase the risk of the plants suffering damage due to them being in the way of the contractors as they are working.

Prepare The Interior For The Vibrations From The Siding Installation

The process of installing new siding can create a lot of vibrations in the interior of the home. If you leave pictures, mirrors, or other items on the walls, it can increase the risk of these items falling. While it is essential to do this for the exterior walls, you may also want to remove any items on the interior walls as well as these vibrations may travel through the home. Fortunately, this is a step that should only take most homeowners a few minutes to complete, and it will significantly reduce the risk of these avoidable damages occurring to the items hung on your walls.

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