Remodel Your Bathroom To Include A Soaker Tub And Glass Wall

Posted on: 9 December 2021

Replacing the conventional bathtub in your primary bathroom with a large soaker tub can immediately help to give this part of your home a luxurious and cozy vibe. Switching bathtubs can be the main part of a bathroom renovation, but there are other projects that you may want your remodeling contractor to tackle at the same time. One option to think about is installing a glass wall next to the soaker tub. This is an idea that can work well if you'll be positioning the tub at one end of the bathroom. A full-length glass wall that includes a door can be a good feature for the following reasons.

Better Heat Retention

When you're relaxing in the hot water of a soaker tub, you don't want to feel a cool breeze on your exposed skin. While shutting the main bathroom door can help to an extent, a family member who enters the bathroom can create a draft of cold air that chills you. Having a glass wall close to your soaker tub will help to keep the air around the tub hot and humid, which can be ideal for keeping you comfortable. Someone else entering the bathroom, provided that they don't open the door in the glass wall, won't affect the warm air around you.

Fewer Interruptions

Few people enjoy interruptions when they're in a soaker tub, but an uninterrupted bath can sometimes be a challenge. Your spouse might occasionally enter the bathroom and talk to you while you're soaking, or perhaps your children will enter to ask a question. You may find that a glass wall next to your tub provides a barrier that helps to prevent interruptions. For example, you could set a rule that you don't want people to open the door in the glass wall when you're in the tub. In doing so, you'll limit the instances of family members interrupting you while you relax. Without this wall, interruptions could be more frequent.

More Privacy

It's nice to have privacy when you relax in a soaker tub, but children entering and exiting the bathroom may be an issue that you expect to occur. While some people might favor a clear glass wall, choosing frosted glass can offer a high degree of privacy. A frosted glass wall will prevent your children from seeing you if they enter the bathroom, which can create a degree of privacy that suits everyone. Talk to a bathroom remodeling contract to learn more about installing a soaker tub with a glass wall next to it.

Talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor for more ideas.


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