Lack Space? 6 Ways To Better Utilize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 2 September 2021

Do you need more storage in your kitchen? Many homeowners have the potential for good storage in the kitchen, but their cabinets may not be well-utilized. How can you ensure your cabinets are giving you all they have to contribute? Here are a few ways to better utilize them. 

1. Use Turntables

Cabinet turntables are a simple idea that makes certain cabinets much more accessible. A custom-fit, rotating platform of one, two, or three shelves to the size and shape of the cabinet can provide easy access to items in the back. Turntables are particularly suited to recapture the space often wasted in corner cabinets. 

2. Add Pullout Shelves

Can you reach into the back of cabinets? If utensils and tools disappear into the back of your cabinets, you end up wasting space, time, and energy trying to find everything you need. Replace static shelves in lower cabinets with pullout versions that slide in and out to reveal the entire contents. 

3. Install Built-In Organizers

Customize drawers for better use that matches your actual needs. Built-in custom organizers fit each drawer perfectly and help you organize anything from baking trays to utensils. Increased organization means more efficient usage of the same amount of space. 

4. Try Kick Drawers

Most base cabinets stop a few inches above the actual floor, leaving wasted space below them. Kick drawers are shallow drawers installed underneath the base cabinets and may be used to store a wide variety of overflow items. Due to their design, kick drawers are the same depth as the base cabinets and can be as wide as you want. 

5. Integrate Appliances

Appliances like the microwave or coffee maker are stored separately and take up precious counter or cabinet space. Instead, integrate these directly into cabinets to leave less unused space. For instance, include a microwave shelf within full-length cabinets for a more compact storage arrangement.  

6. Add Upper Access

Do your cabinets go to the ceiling? If so, make sure you can reach the top of these cabinets by including permanent upper cabinet access. One of the best options is a rolling ladder which can be used by everyone to safely access upper shelves. 

Want more ideas to better utilize your kitchen cabinets? Start by meeting with a kitchen remodeling service that specializes in cabinets. Together, you can brainstorm ways to make your kitchen an efficient yet comfortable place to call home. 


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