Benefits Of Professional Carpet Installation

Posted on: 26 July 2021

A carpet installation job may sound like something you could turn into a DIY project. However, like many other home improvement projects, you'll find that having a professional come in to do the installation can be a more valuable and time-saving experience.

Here are some of the benefits of having your carpet installation done by a professional.

1. Experienced choice of underlayment

The underlayment you use beneath your carpet can have a lot to do with how the flooring material performs. For example, a carpet underlayment can make the carpet feel softer underfoot, and it can also help insulate the floor against cold. Sound absorbing is another quality of a good carpet underlayment (also called carpet padding).

However, choosing a carpet padding that's too thick can make your carpet seem unnecessarily bulky and may be impractical for high-traffic areas. In addition, certain types of carpet need thinner underlayment, while others need thicker underlayment. Your professional carpet installer can help you decide what the best underlayment product for your carpet is.

2. Flat, snug carpet installation

Carpet installation isn't as simple or easy as it looks. Carpet comes in huge rolls that are extremely heavy and bulky to carry and move around. And when a piece of carpet is so big, even just a little skew can result in a crooked carpet piece.

Your carpet professional knows how to stretch carpet out while installing it to avoid skewed edges, and how to cut the carpet accurately in straight lines with sharp implements so that it will install correctly and won't look frayed.

3. Detect floor damage

If you previously had a carpet on the same floor, you may have floor damage that you either didn't notice or didn't realize needed to be fixed. Your carpet installer can check over the floor to rule out any floor damage before installing the new carpet. Otherwise, you could have to tear the new carpet up later to enact floor repairs, which could be costly.

4. Old carpet removal 

If you're getting rid of an old carpet at the same time as installing a new one, your professional carpet installer can save you a lot of work by removing the old carpet too. Typically, carpet removal involves a lot of cutting (and carpet is quite tough and difficult to cut through) as well as a lot of rolling, hauling, and similar types of labor in very dusty circumstances.

These are just some of the benefits you can incur by hiring a professional to do your carpet replacement next time you need a new carpet. Get in touch with a professional carpet flooring installation expert today to learn more about the pricing and options and what to expect at a carpet replacement.


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