Determining The Right Countertop For Your Home

Posted on: 8 June 2021

The beauty of being human is that each person is different; it's the nature of individuality. The way you express your personality gives the surrounding people an idea of who you are. Individuality is displayed in your favorite colors, the friends you keep, and even the kind of clothes you pick. Therefore, it is no wonder that the kind of countertops you choose for your home is a reflection of your personality.


Granite is the most common type of countertop. The fact that it is a natural stone makes it an easy go-to for most homeowners. Being a natural stone, granite comes in different colors, and no single block comes in just one color; the rock forms over time, giving each block its unique personality. 

People who are drawn to granite tend to be traditional and dependable. The fact that granite requires a lot of maintenance to keep it at its best also denotes a level of commitment in your personality. 


Quartz is considered a variation of granite. Much like granite, quartz also comes in a variety of colors. The main difference between granite and quartz is, unlike granite which is 100% natural, quartz comes from ground quartz and polymer resins. The colors that come from quartz are dynamic and follow a color designed to fit a particular idea. You can therefore manipulate the design and colors that the quartz block will come in. 

People drawn to choosing quartzite countertops over other more fixed options show a more relaxed, spontaneous personality with a level of control. You choose to be in control by choosing a specific look without leaving it to nature. The fact that you enjoy spontaneity also means you do not want to be shackled to high-maintenance countertops, which is why quartzite counters would be an excellent choice for you.


Marble countertops are a good choice for an easy-going look. The stone comes in earthen shades of white, grey, taupe, and green. Nothing gives your kitchen that classic clean look like a marble kitchen. Much like granite, marble countertops are inherently unique as the rock also forms naturally. 

If marble countertops are your top choice, you are likely an easy-going person with a shy personality. You are the calm type that prefers a quiet day in more than a loud night out. The high maintenance required for marble countertops suggests you are caring and pay attention to details.  

For more information on kitchen countertops, reach out to a local contractor.  


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