The Pros And Cons Of Real Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 19 February 2021

Years ago, when you heard the word "kitchen cabinets," you would just assume those cabinets would be made from wood. It was really only the material used to make cabinets, after all. Today, though, you have lots of options for cabinet materials — wood, acrylic, composite, and various plastic-like substances. Wood still has a place in the cabinet market, but since it's no longer the only choice, you need to determine if it's the right material for your cabinets. Consider the following pros and cons of choosing real wood kitchen cabinets.

Pro: Real wood cabinets can give your kitchen a natural look

If you are going for a natural or rustic look in your kitchen, no material conveys that look better than wood. There are some composites that are made to look like wood, but you can tell the difference from close up. You can choose wood cabinets that coordinate with any wood trim, doors, or window frames in your kitchen, creating a cohesive look.

Con: Wood cabinets don't tolerate changes in humidity well

As you may already know if you have wood floors or wood doors, wood changes shape when humidity changes. Your cabinet doors may bow a bit when it's humid and then sink back down when the air is dry. You can keep this problem at bay by running a dehumidifier and a humidifier in your home, as needed. But steam generated from cooking can still cause wood cabinets to distort a little over time. 

Pro: Wood cabinets can be painted easily

If you want to change the look of your kitchen one day, you can just paint your wood cabinets. This is not difficult to do; you can probably do it yourself with some patience and a good brush. If you want to change your kitchen look again a few years later, then you can paint the cabinets another color at that point. Many other cabinet materials need to be professionally painted or finished, and they can't always be re-finished.

Con: Wood cabinets can be expensive

Wood cabinets often need to be built and made by hand. This is quite a lot of work in comparison to that required to make acrylic or composite cabinets, which are often made by machine.

So, are wood cabinets right for you? If you can afford them and are able to keep humidity levels under control, they can be a natural-looking, long-lasting, and easy-to-modify option.


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