Prioritize Light And Color With The Right Remodeling Projects For Your Bathroom

Posted on: 14 August 2020

When you're looking to update the appearance of your bathroom and want more light and color to be the priorities, there's a lot of different features that you should keep in mind. From replacing some of the larger fixtures to getting new flooring brought in, the cost of remodeling your bathroom can quickly add up, making it important to know which projects you should be focusing on.

Consider Whether a New Window Is Possible

One of the most efficient ways to bring light into the bathroom is simply having a new window installed. When the bathroom doesn't have any windows currently or the current window could use a replacement, finding a window that balances plenty of natural light and privacy can be your best option.

While the cost of installing an entirely new window can be a bit expensive, you'll likely notice a big difference in how much light is brought into the bathroom, and it will help add value to your home with the remodeling project.

Give the Bathroom a Refresh of Paint

Painting the walls, trim, and even the cabinetry can all be good options for changing the look of the bathroom. Since painting can allow you to get creative with new colors, you can update the look of your bathroom significantly without the cost getting too expensive.

With a refresh that is done through painting, you can take on this part of the project alone or bring in a professional that is able to update your bathroom with the new color that matches the look you want.

Bring in New Textiles for the Bathroom

Bringing in new textiles can include anything from new towels to having a rug or even a shower curtain brought in. With a variety of colors, patterns, and other details that can be achieved through new textiles, your bathroom can look vastly different and you'll be able to give the bathroom the refresh that you want with remodeling.

Taking inspiration from other features in your bathroom, such as the kinds of fixtures you have, as well as the floors can help you choose textiles that will fit in cohesively with the bathroom remodel.

Remodeling your bathroom can be a big project, so starting small and knowing which projects to prioritize can help you give it the new look you want. With more lighting and colors being your top priorities, it's best to see exactly what kinds of updates can be best for getting your bathroom remodeled.

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