Renovating Your Kitchen With An Open Concept Look Using These Ideas When You Remodel

Posted on: 4 October 2019

Today, an open concept is the trend of home designs that you may want to consider for your kitchen renovations. There are many options to improve your kitchen with an open concept, such as installing new cabinets with open shelves or installing an open exhaust vent hood above the stovetop. The following ideas are some of the things that you will want to consider to give your kitchen an open concept design when doing renovations: 

Using A Design with Open Cabinets for Your Kitchen Renovation Projects 

Consider using a design with open cabinets that have minimal hardware features or an open design with glass in the doors. With custom cabinets, there are also options for more open features, which can include open shelving that is integrated into the design of the cabinets you have installed in your kitchen. If you are dealing with a smaller space for the kitchen renovation, consider more open features when you have the new custom cabinets installed. 

Opening Up the Design of Your Kitchen with Higher Custom Ceiling Designs  

Custom ceilings are a great way to add more open space to your home in any area. In the kitchen, higher ceilings can be a great solution to make room for custom cabinets and more storage that includes an open concept for the design of your kitchen. You may want to consider options like vaulted or trey ceilings that give your kitchen a unique look and a more open feeling.  

Larger Windows, Nooks and More Natural Light for An Open Kitchen Design  

Another option that you will want to consider to give your kitchen a more open design is using larger windows. With larger windows, this space in your home will have more natural light and a more open feeling. In addition, these features can be integrated into features like breakfast nooks and garden windows that add more physical space to your kitchen without making major changes to the structure.  

Adding A Multifunctional Kitchen Island, Bar and Dining Area for An Open Concept  

Another option that you will want to consider for a design in your kitchen that is open and multifunctional is the island. This can be part of a bar that extends out with the kitchen cabinets, or it can also be custom dining area designs that are integrated into the custom cabinets and open design of your kitchen renovations.  

These are some of the options that you may want to consider when you get ready to start remodeling your kitchen. If you are ready to change the look of your kitchen, consult with a custom cabinet service and talk to them about some of the custom cabinet solutions for open concept design. Contact a company such as Encore Cabinets & Design to learn more.


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