4 Tips To Help You Plan Your Bathroom Makeover With A Custom Shower Enclosure Design

Posted on: 24 May 2019

Renovating the personal space in your bathroom is a great investment, and an opportunity to consider the custom designs like walk-in showers. Today, there are many options for shower enclosures to give your bathroom a custom makeover. The following tips will help you plan your bathroom makeover with a custom shower enclosure design:

1. Avoid Being Cramped and Leave Enough Space for Your Custom Features

Small corner showers can be great in a bathroom that has little floor space to work with, but be careful not to make it too cramped. Use a footprint that is as large as possible for your shower enclosure to ensure it is easy to use and not too cramped. This will also leave room for custom features like seats and shelves in the shower.

2.  Use Larger Tiles or Stone to Minimize Joints and Potential Water Problems

One of the problems that custom shower enclosures often have are tile joints that cause water to be trapped beneath the glass. This can often lead to problems with water and cause repairs to be needed. To prevent these water problems, use larger tiles to ensure there are fewer joints where glass is installed. If possible, use a large piece of stone where the shower glass is installed to eliminate any joints that could lead to water problems with your shower.

3. Add A Seat to Make Using the Shower Easier and More Comfortable

If you have a small footprint for the shower, it may seem like a seat will take up valuable space. Seats are convenient and will make it easier to use the shower if you are injured or when you get older. For a larger shower, you may have a bench seat, but with a smaller shower, a practical corner bench is the perfect solution to add a seat without taking up too much space.

4. Include Practical Shelves and Storage Solutions to Keep the Shower Organized

Storage is another important feature of a custom shower design. You want to make sure that you have space to organize personal hygiene products and keep your shower organized. If you have a shower with limited space, have the shelves recessed into the wall cavity to save space.

These are some tips that will help you plan your bathroom makeover with a new custom shower design. If you are ready to change the look of your bathroom and have custom features, contact a shower enclosure service to start planning.


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