Why Custom Cabinetry Is A Good Choice For Your Laundry Room

Posted on: 26 April 2019

If you've taken great care to use high-quality materials throughout your home, such as custom cabinets in the kitchen and bath, you probably want your laundry room to have the same level of construction. You can have high-quality cabinets made for your laundry room too, and this small room is an ideal space for custom cabinetry. Here's why.

You Can Get A Lot Of Storage In A Small Space

A nice benefit of custom cabinets is that they don't waste space. The cabinets can reach the ceiling and close gaps that might be left behind by stock cabinets. Since the cabinets are custom made, they can be narrower or wider if a size other than stock size would fit the space best. By adding cabinets and drawers that line the walls, your laundry room can even double as a storage space for your overflow gadgets from the kitchen.

The Laundry Room Can Match The Kitchen

When you choose custom cabinets for your laundry room, you can opt for the same materials used to make your kitchen cabinets so your home has a uniform appearance throughout. This can be especially nice if the laundry room is just off of the kitchen. The two rooms will have a seamless look.

You Can Have Cabinets Made For Cleaning Supplies

Stock kitchen cabinets have a standard size and shape. The shelves in the cabinet might be too low to store things like large jugs of detergent, which is why your laundry room might have a wire rack or shelf out in the open. You can design a cabinet with a high shelf for storing tall bottles on the bottom while leaving a short storage area on top for things like boxed fabric softener that doesn't need a lot of space. Plus, the laundry room is a good place to store other cleaning equipment. You may want a pantry-style cabinet with hooks for holding a mop and broom and large lower cabinets for stowing laundry baskets when they're empty.

Your Laundry Room Will Have An Upscale Appearance

Whether anyone else sees your laundry room or not, you'll see it, and you'll appreciate working in a beautiful room made with quality materials even if it's while you're doing laundry. Rather than having things like an ironing board and laundry hampers shoved in the corners and wire racks overflowing with laundry supplies, you can have high-quality cabinets custom made so everything has a suitable storage space that keeps your laundry room clean and organized.


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