3 Tips to Improve the Look and Flow of Your Kitchen

Posted on: 15 March 2019

Whether you want a complete remodel or just a few updates, focusing on your kitchen is a great investment. Not only can you improve the look and value of your kitchen, but you can also improve the overall flow and function of this important room in your home. With this guide, you will learn a few tips to improve the look and flow of your kitchen.

Open It Up

If your home has the available layout, consider opening up your kitchen so it flows into your family and dining room. By opening up the space, you will have a better view into the rest of your home, which can help with entertaining, but you will also increase the space of your kitchen to ensure your family and guests are comfortable.

A large island can become the greatest focal point of the kitchen, allowing you to prep and serve food to guests in the kitchen and in your dining area. The kitchen island will also be a comfortable and versatile space for your family to gather and dine in the mornings and at the end of the day.

Increase Countertop Space

You may want the majority of your budget to go towards new appliances and floors, which are great updates for appeal and value. However, increasing the amount of countertop space your kitchen has can also be a great investment.

Increasing countertop space can be accomplished in a few ways. You can extend the surface of your countertops out wider a few inches, or you can add more countertop space by adding extra cabinets or a kitchen island. For the best results, make sure to have adequate countertop space next to your stove and next to your sink.

Remember that more countertop space will be useful for food prep, storage, dining, and serving.

Double Down

Another excellent upgrade to consider for your kitchen is to double down on different elements. For example, one oven may seem sufficient, but having a double oven will increase both the appeal and value of your kitchen. You will enjoy baking in one oven while warming or roasting in the other oven. While it may not be used daily, having double ovens is smart.

Many homeowners, builders, and designers are including double sinks, as well. One large sink can be used for washing dishes while an additional smaller sink can be added off to the side for quick cleanups or in the butler's pantry for help with serving and food prep.

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