Things To Consider When You Are Choosing Between Fiberglass And Steel For Your Door

Posted on: 23 February 2019

If you have been considering replacing your home's front door, you may be thinking about investing in a custom door from a local manufacturer. When it comes to creating a custom door, you do need to make some decisions. For example, if you've narrowed down the source material to either steel or fiberglass, how do you know which one is best? Here are some things you should know about both as you weigh your options.


Many people believe that fiberglass doors are more versatile in appearance options than steel. While this used to be true, newer manufacturing options allow you to create steel doors with almost any look you desire. Even if you have always wanted a solid wood door, but have ruled it out due to logistics, you can get the look of natural wood grain from either fiberglass or steel. Don't dismiss either option on aesthetics, because steel doors are now far from the drab, grey image you may have in your mind.


Few things can give you the same sense of security as a heavy door closing solidly into the door frame. When you're considering both fiberglass and steel, you may naturally gravitate to steel for this, and you wouldn't be wrong. Steel is, in fact, heavy enough to give you that sense of satisfaction whenever you close the door.

However, just because fiberglass is naturally lighter than steel doesn't mean you can't enjoy the same features from it. Especially when you are looking at custom doors, you can work with the manufacturer to create a solid core from either steel or another heavy material that will give you the same, or an equivalent, weight with the fiberglass outer shell.


The durability concern is a bit of a double-edged sword with both fiberglass and steel doors. Each one has its benefits and its vulnerabilities. For example, steel doors are highly resistant to all sorts of physical damage, including impact damage, but they can be susceptible to rust if you don't take proper care of it. If you aren't prepared to maintain your steel door with fresh paint or an updated finish every few years, you'll find yourself dealing with rust development eventually.

Fiberglass isn't vulnerable to rust, which gives it an edge over steel in that regard. It doesn't need the same maintenance and care to avoid that type of deterioration. However, fiberglass doesn't have steel's durability when it comes to impact resistance. A strong force striking a fiberglass door is almost certain to cause it to crack.

Consider the comparisons and determine which features are the most important to you. Then, talk with your custom door service about how to combine those features into the door that you want.


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