Reasons To Have Your Laundry Machines In Your Kitchen

Posted on: 17 March 2018

If you're remodeling a smaller home, it can often be smart to consider ways to free up space. One way to do so is to combine two rooms. Your kitchen and laundry room might seem like odd bedfellows, but working with your remodeling contractor to come up with a plan to have your washing machine and dryer in your kitchen — typically, behind cabinets is the best approach — can actually be a smart move. While it might seem a little unconventional, this idea isn't uncommon in smaller dwellings. Here are some reasons to relocate these machines to your kitchen.

The Plumbing Is Already There

The biggest factor in determining where you might want to move your laundry machines to is whether plumbing is available or not. Should you choose a part of your home where there isn't any plumbing, such as the closet in your master bedroom, the renovation will be substantial. One of the big advantages of moving these machines to your kitchen is that there's already plumbing in this area. This means that your remodeling contractor can easily run the water supply lines for the washing machine from the lines that supply your kitchen tap, and the machine's drain pipe can be connected to the drains for your sink and dishwasher. You can contact professionals like Kitchen Expo for more information.

The Location Can Work

Often, homeowners strive to manage two different tasks at once for the sake of efficiency. You might throw a load of washing in before preparing dinner, for example. When the laundry room is elsewhere in your home, you may not hear the machine buzz to indicate that it's done; however, when the laundry machines are in your kitchen — a spot that you likely spend a lot of time in already — they'll always be close at hand. This means that you can easily manage a couple of loads of laundry while you're cooking and cleaning up after a meal.

Easier For Moving

Even though moving might not be atop your list of priorities when you're remodeling your home, many homeowners are always cognizant of the fact that they won't stay in their home forever. Your washing machine and dryer are two of the more difficult appliances to move — especially if you have to navigate going up or down stairs with them. When you move these appliances to your kitchen, they'll be easy to get out the door and onto your moving truck when the time is right.


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