Top 3 Basement Remodeling Trends To Add Practical Solutions To Your Home

Posted on: 24 June 2017

The basement of your home may be a vast, dark dungeon now, but can you imagine what you can do with it? There are many remodeling trends that are giving homeowners practical solutions to problems with their basement remodeling projects, such as installing a secret wine cellar for the kitchen above or a secret indoor grotto connected to your outdoor pool. Here are some basement finishing ideas to give you practical solutions for the design of your home:

1. Kitchen Wine Cellar and Pantry with Trap Door Entry

Do you have enough space in your kitchen to store dry goods, wine, or drinks? Adding a pantry may be something that you have given thought to; so why not add the pantry in the basement? When there is a limited amount of space to work with upstairs, go downstairs and build a basement wine cellar with trap door access in the kitchen. Have a custom spiral metal staircase installed to save space and to give the cellar an elegant design element.

2. Pools, Grottos, and Spas for Limited Outdoor Space

Your landscaping and the size of your property may not allow room for hot tubs, pools, spas, and secret grottos, but the basement does. Consider transforming the unused space in your basement into a paradise that is complete with a heated indoor/outdoor pool.  This practical design will also allow you to use the heated part of the pool and the hot tub grotto area all year, even while the outdoor pool is too cold to take a dip in. Removable glass dividers will help separate the outdoor water for winter use indoors.

3. Cool Recessed Main Living Space and Stairs

Remodeling basements often ends up being costly, so why not make the basement part of the main living space in your home. Removing the floor in the living or great room will allow you to convert the basement into the main floor of your home, which also helps to improve energy efficiency by keeping the main living area cool. This is a major project that requires structural changes, so you will need to consult with an engineer about planning.

These are some of the practical solutions that can be done for you to enjoy more of your basement. If you are ready for practical improvements, contact a remodeling contractor and talk with them about some of these basement finishing ideas. 

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