Turn An Unfinished Basement Into Livable Family Space With These Renovations

Posted on: 27 April 2017

Buying a home with an unfinished basement can often be desirable, given that the residence may be more affordable than a similar one with a finished basement. You won't want to keep the basement unfinished for long, though, as it may be a little inhospitable and, as such seldom used. A remodeling contractor can completely change the look of the basement in a short amount of time, which will effectively increase the livable space of your home. Whether you turn the basement into a playroom for your children, a hobby room, or a man cave, there are three important renovation steps to have completed first.

Install Drywall

One of the visual cues that a basement is unfinished is that the walls may simply consist of bare studs and insulation wrapped in plastic. This look isn't very visually appealing, nor does it give you the ability to decorate the space to your tastes. Your remodeling contractor can dramatically change the look of the walls by installing drywall throughout. This process can be quick when it's handled by a seasoned contractor — he or she can hang the drywall in a short amount of time, mud and tape the joints, sand everything smooth, and even give the drywall a fresh coat of paint to your liking.

Hang A Ceiling

A suspended ceiling is a common choice for basements. It's an easy project for your remodeling contractor and can be customized to include inset lights, as well as provide openings for the necessary vents to carry air from your furnace and air conditioner. A suspended ceiling greatly improves the look of a basement as it moves from unfinished toward finished. Before the ceiling is hung in place, the ceiling area of an unfinished basement is often a mishmash of ducts, wires, and simple light fixtures.

Put In A Floor

Unfinished basements customarily have a bare concrete floor, which may be cold and inhospitable feeling for your family members. There are a few different flooring options to consider for your basement, but click flooring is a type that many homeowners favor. Click flooring is available in so many styles today that you can find a variety to suit your budget and visual goals for the space. Click flooring is typically very affordable, and also provides a high degree of robustness. The latter factor is handy if you have children who will be playing in the basement and may damage a different type of flooring, such as carpet or hardwood.

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