Want Granite Countertops? Here Are Your Three Best Options

Posted on: 25 April 2017

Granite is obviously a very desirable material when it comes to construction. It is classy and stylish, but also very strong. It is commonly used for countertops because it is smooth, hard, and water resistant. However, natural granite countertops can be pretty expensive. There are a few alternatives to natural granite that you might want to consider. Laminates and engineered composites are two common granite alternatives. This article will discuss granite and how it compares to these less expensive alternatives.

Natural Granite Countertops

If you can afford to invest in natural granite countertops, they are always a great decision. The fact that your countertops are made from natural granite will add value to your home. The most attractive thing about natural granite is that every slab is completely unique. The discoloration, speckles, veins, and everything else that defines any individual granite slab are created in the Earth. So, even if you get a granite countertop that comes from the same quarry as another slab, they will look different. Of course, the general colors and veining will be similar, but no two pieces will be identical.

The main drawback to owning a natural granite countertop is the fact that it needs to be sealed. Many people don't realize that granite is actually porous, and you could have problems if you don't seal it on a regular basis. This is especially true when installing granite in a kitchen and bathroom environment where there is a lot of moisture. You run the risk of having mold form within the tiny pores. But, sealing your granite is something that only needs to be done once every couple of years.

Laminate Counters

The chief argument for laminate counters is that they require basically no maintenance. They're completely waterproof and nonporous. The prints available on laminate counters are surprisingly very convincing and authentic looking. That being said, they usually don't have the natural texture of granite. Also, they are not nearly as strong or durable as real granite.

Engineered Composite Counters

Composite countertops are basically a mixture of epoxies and granite chunks. They look very similar to real granite, but they don't have the natural veining that is so sought after. Also, the epoxies seal the granite and make them perfectly waterproof, so you don't need to worry about much maintenance over the years.

There are good arguments for investing in all three options. They're all stylish upgrade to any cabinet system. To learn more about the advantages of natural granite, contact a company like Mike's Prestige Granite.


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