Want To Make Your Bathroom Look Cleaner? Undertake Several Remodeling Projects

Posted on: 28 March 2017

Throughout your home, it makes sense that you want the kitchen and bathrooms to feel the cleanest. These are areas where you will be preparing food or getting ready for the day. For bathrooms, you want to enjoy a clean bath or shower that makes you feel hygienic when you turn the water off and get out. The counter area and sink will also play a role in the cleanliness in the room, so you must pay attention to everything. Fortunately, there are more than a few remodeling projects you can take on in the bathroom.

Neutral-Colored Countertop

An excellent start is to decide on a new countertop for the bathroom. Your current one may look nice, but it may be rather high-maintenance because every bit of dirt shows up loud and clear. While this will encourage you to clean the countertop on a constant basis, it can also give you the impression that your bathroom is always dirty when you find yourself scrubbing the countertop throughout the day. The best way to combat this is to get a neutral-colored counter that does not show dirt marks easily. This may lead to less actual cleaning, but you will still get the job done when you end up cleaning the surface.

Varying Shower Tiles

Shower tiles in a single color and design might look attractive and give a fluid look to your bathroom, but it also comes with a cost of knowing that the entire space looks identical from end to end. An alternative is to pick a shower tile collection of varying color that will allow dirt spots to blend in much better. It will not make the area itself cleaner, but you will not be so critical of the shower's condition. Picking certain colors such as those that imitate dirt or at least camouflage it will give you the greatest results.

Self-Cleaning Toilet

It is important not to forget about using new technology to enjoy a cleaner bathroom. While for most toilets, the only function is to flush, you can also look at getting a smart toilet. These highly advanced toilets can come with tons of features such as a seat warmer and air dryer, but the main one that you will be looking forward to getting in your bathroom is the ability to clean itself.

Starting these projects will provide you with a considerably cleaner bathroom than you had before. For additional ideas and assistance, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor at a company like NARI Greater Dallas.


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