A Few Tips For Remodeling A Small Kitchen

Posted on: 21 March 2017

Working in a small kitchen can sometimes prove difficult. There is not always enough room to easily prepare a meal or intricate dish without having to shuffle things around constantly. Unless you have a nearby room or area you do not currently use, the only way to make the kitchen bigger is to add on to the house. This is not always financially possible, so you are left with finding ways to remodel the kitchen to improve its use of space. Here are a few ideas you may find helpful.


Anywhere possible, lift appliances off the counter. Place a shelf above the counter so that the counter is open as a workspace. You can also place a shelf behind the sink or above the refrigerator. If the shelves in your cupboards are spaced far apart, fit in another one to provide more storage area.

Movable Cupboards

Consider getting a counter-high table set so you can push a small, movable storage area underneath it. This cupboard can be used for storage and as an additional work area when needed. If you have a counter area for eating, you can find a rack or cart on wheels that can fit under it too.

Hang Things

A good way to open cupboard space is to hang things. Put in a pot rack and hang all your cookware from it. This will open all the cupboards or areas where you had them stacked and stored. You can also hang cups below a cupboard, giving you more room for glasses inside. Look for appliances that can be mounted on a wall or beneath a shelf to save even more room.

Change Counter Size

If space in the middle of the room is important, remove an inch or two from the front of the counters and cupboards. The front of the cupboards can be removed, and the walls cut to make them smaller. Simply reattach the fronts and doors and you will have more room. When workspace is the issue, you can add to the front of the counter a bit. You can also turn one of the top drawers in a cupboard into additional counter space by placing a piece of counter on it. Simply pull out the drawer for a work area.

A small kitchen can be quite efficient when you take the time to place things properly and make use of all available space. Take the time to consider how you work, and what you need to make the area work with you. It may take a while to get it just how you want it, but it will be well worth it in the end. Keep these ideas in mind as you undertake your kitchen home remodeling project. 


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