5 Features to Add to Dress Up Your Awning Windows

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Awning windows can be an energy-efficient window selection for your home. These are windows that have their hinges at the top, and they open outward, usually with the assistance of a hand crank. They allow you to control the airflow in a room and also allow you to keep your windows open while it is raining or snowing outside without major risk of getting precipitation in your home. Whether you are replacing your current awning windows or are considering changing the style of some of your current windows to awning windows, there are a few features that you should consider adding to your new windows. 

High-Quality Hardware

If you have a screen on your awning window, you will need a crank to operate it, because awning windows usually swing out to open. However, recent trends in the window industry has made high-quality, fashionable window hardware more readily available. You can choose a brushed brass crank or another specialty material to increase your window's feeling of luxury. For an added fashion accent, consider over-sized hinges in the same material to help complete the look. 

Double-Layered Awning Windows 

Awning windows tend to be slightly smaller windows and are usually rectangular. However, if you are replacing a square window or a vertical rectangle as opposed to a horizontal rectangle, you can consider placing two awning windows, one on top of the other. This will still allow you to have plenty of light and will give you even greater control of airflow in the room as you will be able to open one of the windows or both of the windows depending on your current needs. 

Extra-Large Awning Windows

If you want an uninterrupted view from your window, installing two awning windows may not be your best choice. Instead, you may want to select an extra large awning window to fit your frame. Increases in hardware durability have made it safe to install and operate larger awning windows. However, you should keep in mind that you may not be able to open a single awning window to a fully horizontal position, simply because of its weight. This will slightly reduce the amount of airflow available to you from that window. 

Awning Windows Paired With Stationary Windows 

If you only need slight airflow in a room, it is a good idea to pair a small awning window below or above a large stationary window. This gives you plenty of light and a good view while still allowing you to have some ventilation in a room. This is a good option if you have several large stationary windows in a room. If you have awning windows all along the bottom or top of a room, you can get a cross-breeze into your home, which can be very refreshing. 

Central Hinge Awning Windows 

A slight variation on the traditional awning window is an awning window with a central hinge, which allows you to open the window more smoothly and with less effort. These are similar to a cross between an awning window and a hopper window. In fact, some central-hinged awning windows can be opened either as a awning or as a hopper. These windows can increase airflow even more and offer a sleek, modern design. However, with most central hinge awning windows, you will not be able to have a screen on the window, as the upper part of the window will come into the home while the lower half opens out. 

Awning windows can be a great addition to most homes. If you are considering installing new windows, you should consider adding a few awning windows to help increase the ventilation and comfort in your home. 


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